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Site updated January 2010!!!!!!

Hello, This is a website to record the restoration of a very special Jaguar XJ6.  D533ERW was built in February 1987 and was used by Jaguar Cars Ltd as a test-bed for modifications to the newly launched XJ40 range.  It is fitted with several items that didn't feature on these cars until after it was built.  Jaguar themselves used it for around 18 months and around 10,000 miles until it was loaned to Euston Films as a prop for the seventh series of the award winning Television programme "Minder".  The car was used in the series by the infamous character of Arthur Daley played by the great actor George Cole.  I became the proud owner of this car in February 2005 and I am undertaking a restoration of it as I feel it is a special car with an interesting history that is well worth saving from the scrapyard.

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Arthur Daley

Terry McCann

The Minder Jaguar 2007

The Minder Jaguar 2009

The Minder Jaguar 2009

The Minder Jaguar 2005

The Minder Jaguar 1988
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